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Bayankhongor aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Bayankhongor aimag
Name of the aimag's center: Bayankhongor. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag: 630km ... View more
Bayankhongor aimag's territory covers Gobi and steppe regions at the south western side of Mongolia that includes the southern edg ... View more
The land surface of Bayankhongor aimag's area varies from hills, valleys to steppes, which make the climate sweeping. The mean te ... View more
There are over 160 fast flowing and fresh water rivers, about 30 lake, oases, 20 hot and cold springs such as Shargaljuut. Out of ... View more
Mongolian Altai and Khangai Mountain Ranges are home to various types of wild lives such as wild sheep, wild goat, lynx, deer, ba ... View more
Bayanlag Sum’s white rock crystal cave, Ulziit sum’s Uran Khairkan, Zag and Baidrag places have 500 to 750 years old a ... View more
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