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Dornod aimag
Name of the aimag's center: Choibalsan. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag: 630km ... View more
Dornod aimag is located in the broad hilly steppe in eastern Mongolia, elevated at 560-1,300m above sea level. This wide steppe is ... View more
The 241-260 days of the year are sunny and bright and precipitate about 150-300mm annually. In winter, average temperature is -27& ... View more
Rivers and lakes in Dornod aimag belong to Pacific ocean basin, and 128 rivers with total of 3,060km length, 173 lakes and over 30 ... View more
There are about 80 species of medicinal herbs, 10 species of useful plants and also the plant with various types of essential oil ... View more
In Dornod aimag there are 70 species of mammals of 47 genus, 16 families, 6 orders. From these, 6 species are extremely rare, 3 ar ... View more
Remains of Kherlen Bar city from Kidan State of 11th century in Tsagaan-Ovoo sum at the northern shore of Kherlen river, Genghis K ... View more
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