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Govi-Altai aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Govi-Altai aimag
Name of the aimag's center: Altai. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag: 1090km ... View more
Govi-Altai aimag's territory belongs to Altai mountainous and Gobi desert zones. Most parts of the Govi-Altai province lay on Gobi ... View more
The alpine climate covers the northern branches of Mongol Altai Range - Sutai Khairkhan, Darvi Range, Khasagt Khairkhan, Khantaish ... View more
Govi-Altai aimag belongs to Altai and Gobi ring of Central Asian Gobi division zone. Therefore, mountain and steppe soil covers th ... View more
There are many rivers in Govi-Altai aimag that belongs to Zavkhan River Basin of Central Asian internal drainage basin. For exampl ... View more
Govi-Altai aimags flora is divided into 6 classes: Lowland, desert-steppe bunchgrass like plants, Partially brushy and brushy plan ... View more
Govi-Altai aimag's fauna is divided into major classes of mammals, amphibians, insects, fishes and birds according to its geograph ... View more
Traces of huge rhinoceros from the Paleogene period was found in Khaliun and Biger sums of Govi-Altai aimag, and in Altain Sum ... View more
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