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Khovd aimag
Name of the aimag's center: Khovd. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag: 1425km ... View more
Khovd aimag has immense area that embraces Mongolian Altai Mountains, great lakes depression and northern Altai gobi. In the weste ... View more
In the mountainous areas sedimentary rocks from the early Cambrian period, in the southern parts of Khovd aimag sedimentary rocks ... View more
Khovd aimag lacks forest, but along the riverside birch, aspen, bush, gooseberry, strawberry and other berry bushes grow. Across K ... View more
Many species of animals inhabit in Khovd aimag including endangered species like wild ass, 2 humped wild camel, saiga anteloppe ... View more
Khovd is a multinational province. Khovd aimags nationality covering percentage: Khalkh 24.7%, Zakhchin 24.9%, Kazakh 11.5%, Torgu ... View more
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