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Tuv aimag
Name of the aimag's center: Zuunmod. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag: 43km ... View more
The area of Tuv aimag is considered as part of the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range and eastern Mongolian plains. Large mountains an ... View more
Surface water is abundant in the northern areas of Tuv aimag, including the Tuul River and its inflows Terelj, Gachuurt, Khongor, ... View more
The 16 species of endangered animals including deer, doe, moose, Argali the wild sheep, snowcock, swan etc. inhabit the area of Tu ... View more
Historical sight complex in the southern valley of Ungut Mountain in Altanbulag sum of Tuv aimag. Tombs and burial grounds belongi ... View more
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