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Arkhangai is a mountainous aimag which is located on the Northern slopes of the Khangai Mountains. The altitude is 2,414 meters ab ... View more
The territory covers Gobi and steppe regions at the south western side of Mongolia that includes the southern edge of Khangain Mou ... View more
The aimag stretches from north to south along Mongol-Altai Mountain Ranges, and the distance from the northern border to the south ... View more
Bulgan aimag is located in the heart of Mongolia - Orkhon and Selenge basins bordering to Selenge, Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai and ... View more
Darkhan-Uul aimag is surrounded with the low branch mountains of the Khentii Range and located in northern Mongolia at the north s ... View more
Dornod aimag is located in the broad hilly steppe in eastern Mongolia and is elevated at 560-1,300m above sea level. This wide ste ... View more
Dornogovi aimag has kept its pristine untouched nature and many prominent findings in paleontology have been found here such as di ... View more
Over 10 scenic places from above like Ikh Gazaryn Chuluu, Baga Gazaryn Chuluu which are abundant with many rare species, pec ... View more
The aimag's territory belongs to Altai mountainous and Gobi desert zones. Most parts of the aimag lay on Gobi desert zone. B ... View more
The aimag has many historically and environmentally significant places like Tsoorkhoi Spring surrounded with high rock cliff ... View more
It is believed that Chinggis Khaan, the Khaan and founder of the Great Mongolian Empire, was born in this aimag. Khenti ... View more
Khovd aimag has immense area that embraces Mongolian Altai Mountains, great lakes depression and northern Altai Gobi. < ... View more
Khuvsgul aimag is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of Mongolia with its snow capped majestic mountain range ... View more
Since the center of the aimag, Erdenet City, is located in the area of Bayan-Undur Sum, this sum area can also be considered as pa ... View more
Even though Selenge Aimag occupies 2.7% of the whole country's territory, it contains 55% of the surface-water reserve, 10% of the ... View more
The aimag has many unique scenic places. About 200 extinct volcanoes exist in Dariganga Sum. The 127 to 248 kilometer square Ongon ... View more
The area of Tuv aimag is considered as part of the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range and plains of eastern Mongolia. Aimag has a hars ... View more
Umnugovi aimag has all kinds of terrain including  Gobi desert, mountains, valleys, plains etc., and this mixed sha ... View more
Uvs aimag is a home to many different species of animals that are well adapted to its harsh climate conditions and diverse geograp ... View more
The aimag is home to many endangered animals of forest, taiga and Gobi regions. 38 species of animals of 26 genus, 12 families and ... View more
Zavkhan aimag territory lies in the different geographical regions. The aimag has over 200 springs and rivers with a steady curren ... View more
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