Arkhangai aimag

General info, distance of Arkhangai

Name of Arkhangai aimag's center: Tsetserleg. Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Tsetserleg) 453km ...

Geography, Meteorology of Arkhangai

Arkhangai aimag is a mountainous province which is located on the Northern slopes of the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia ...

Rivers and lakes of Arkhangai aimag

Many rivers and springs join these rivers to nourish pasture and hay lands and to nurture residents, live stock and wild animals of the Arkhangai province

Flora of Arkhangai aimag

Rare medicinal herbs such as Mongolian strenbergia, roseroot, saussurea invoclurata, valerian, wild rose, artemisia macrocephala, Polygonum viviparum, rose acic ...

Fauna of Arkhangai aimag

The Arkhangai aimags fauna currently includes next species of Rodents, Hoofed Animals, Predators, Insectivore, Chiroptera, Birds, Predator Birds, Water Birds, I ...

Travel destinations of Arkhangai aimag

Arkhangai aimag is rich with unique scenic places such as Khorgo volcanic area which was formed from an early volcanic eruption many millions of years ago, Te ...

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