Fauna of Arkhangai aimag

Fauna of Arkhangai aimagThe Arkhangai aimags fauna currently includes next species of animals:

Rodents: Narrow-skulled vole, long tailed gopher, marmot, field mouse, forest red mouse, red mouse, rock wall-reeper and squirrels are found.

Hoofed Animals: Roe deer, boar and deer are common. White antelope rarely. Argali wild sheep and ibex are also found.

Predators: White ermine, ferret, fox, wolf, leopard, lynx, corsac, wildcat, badger, raccoon and ermine.

Insectivore: White toothed shrew.

Chiroptera: Bats.

Birds: Snow cock, rock snowbird, fringilla coelebs, white quail, brown quail, snipe, black kite, jay, lark, nightjar, birch partridge, brown rock sparrow and wagtail.

Predator Birds: Falcon, kite, hawk, buzzard, vulture, owl, and eagle.

Water Birds: duck, durt duck, brown goose, white ardea, godwit, titmouse and Pallas's sea eagle.

Insects: Ant, bettle, mosquito, midge, grass butterfly, bumblebee, spider are common in the forest region.

Steppe Region Insects: Siberian grasshopper, dark wing grasshopper, balm-cricket, meadow brown butterfly, gramineae flea, chafer beetle, spiders, dragonfly, water-fly and lady bug.

Floating animals: mollusca, clam, arthropods, pennypeds and leech.

Fish: Sturgeon, grey mullet, jackfish, crucian carp, white fish, perch and carp.

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