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Flora of Arkhangai aimag
Flora of Arkhangai aimagRare medicinal herbs such as Mongolian strenbergia, roseroot, saussurea invoclurata, valerian, wild rose, artemisia macrocephala, Polygonum viviparum, rose acicularis, plantain, gentian algida, rhodiola quadrifida, diasthus superbus, meadow cranesbill, astragal, lagopsis supina, yellow and blue gentian, great burnet, thyme, thermopsis, milkwort, rumex, buttercup, edelweiss, licorice, caraway, Taraxacum officinale, saxifrage and peony grow in Arkhangai region of Mongolia.

About fifty species of woody plants including acacia, pentaphyllloides, calligonum, cotoneaster, myricaria, wild cherry, spiraea, sympegma, honeysuckle, fir, abies, larch, cedar, birch, pine, mountain avens, poplar and willow. Tea plants like fleabane, silene conoidea, bergenia and wild rose leaves are in plenty. In some parts of the region edible plants like potentilla, onion, wild garlic, nettle, olygonum, allium odorum, garlic allium senescens, chives, sawwort, mushroom, sphallerocaprus gracilis, allium Chinense, caraway, Mongolian onion, lilium pumilum, bistort and alpine bistort are plenty. And black currant, wild plum, cranberry, sweet berry, blueberry, gooseberry, black cherry, strawberry etc., and juniper sabina, juniper sibirica, thyme, Artemisia santalinifolia etc., fragrant plants are also in plenty. In summertime numerous beautiful flowers bloom. For example, aquilegia, globe flower, pasque flavescens, plaque ambigua, tulip, rose, poppy, asterothamnus, delphinium grandiflorum and dandelion.
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