Geography, Meteorology of Arkhangai

Geography, meteorology, soil of Arkhangai aimagGeography. Arkhangai aimag is a mountainous province which is located on the Northern slopes of the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia. The altitude is 2,414 meters above sea level, and the highest peak is Kharlagtai Peak with the height of 3,539 meters while the lowest point is on the cross of Orkhon and Tamir rivers at 1,290 metres. The area consists of high mountains, forests and steppes and it borders to Khuvsgul Aimag (north), Bulgan Aimag (north east), Uvurkhangai Aimag (south east), Bayankhongor (south) and Zavkhan (west) respectively. Granite from the Old Stone Age was found from the northern part of the aimag while sandy rocks from the western part. Also, iron ore around Tamir River, volcano rocks in Suman River Basin and precious stones are found in this aimag.

Meteorology. In the Tsetserleg Sum, the center of the aimag, average air temperature is 0.1°C and, in January -15.6°C and in July +14.7°C. Khangai Mountain Range is one of the places with high precipitation where the annual precipitation fall in Tsetserleg is 344mm. Average wind speed is 2.6m/sec that reaches up to 3.5m/sec during April, the windiest month of the year.

Soil. Soil is mainly scattered grey, sandy brown, black and black brown soils of pasture land and forests.

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