Rivers and lakes of Arkhangai aimag

Rivers and lakes of Arkhangai aimagNorth and South rivers of Tamir that takes source from the Khangai Mountain Range, Orkhon, Chuluut, Khanui, Khunui, north and south of Terkh, Suman, Gichgene, Tsagaan Sum, Shirdeg, Sogoot, Khukh Sum, Tsenkher, fast-flowing rivers of Tsetserleg flow through the Arkhangai aimag for 100-350km. Many smaller rivers and springs join these rivers to nourish pasture and hay lands and to nurture residents, live stock and wild animals of the Arkhangai province.

There are 188 saline lakes and fresh water ponds such as Terkh Tsagaan (Terkh White Lake), Ugii, Duruu, Kholboo, Khukh, Tsaidam, Builan, Duut, Erkht, Khuduu and about 674 drinking fountains, 844 smaller rivers and rivulets. Also, the territory of aimag includes about 50 nurturing hot and cold springs and spring-like fountains such as Khadat, Uurdiin Tokhoi, Khanui, Mukhart Khujirt, Noyon Khangai, Tsenkheriin hot spring, Shivert, Ulaan Ereg, Bor Tal, Belkhi, Gilaan, Chuluutyn hot Spring, Tsagaan sum, Angarkhai, Orookh, Bor burgast, Bumbat, and Khan Undur.

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