Travel destinations of Arkhangai aimag

Travel destinations of Arkhangai aimagArkhangai aimag is rich with unique scenic places such as Khorgo volcanic area which was formed from an early volcanic eruption many millions of years ago (last eruption occurred in approximately 8,000 years ago), Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (Terkh White Lake) and Suman River which are surrounded by beautiful mountains of Altad, Choidog Falls at the southern side of Murun, Chuluut River which flows amidst steep rock cliffs, Suman River, Suvraga Khairkhan of Tsenkher Sum which has a crystal, blue spring lake in its frontside, Suvraga Khairkhan with its refreshing aroma of juniper, Khukh Lake (Blue Lake) which is found on the top of the mountain in Ikhtamir Sum, astonishingly beautiful Gurvan Tamir Wooded Valley, Senjit Cliff, Ikhtamir Sum's Uran Mandal and Noyon Khangai mountains, Khuslent Cliff, Bichigt Khangai, Sant Buluu Tsagaan, Duvkhun, Telee, Mankhan Erdene, Bulgan, Khairkhan.

Moreover, many "deer stone" monuments dating back to the ancient Khunnu Empire are found from Erdenemandal sum's region. Also, the remains of the Khar Khul Khaan's Palace, who was one of the great Khaans in ancient Mongolian history, are located in Erdenemandal sum.

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