Baldan Bereeven Monastery

Eastern Mongolia travel destinations: Baldan Bereeven MonasteryLocated near the Mountain Munkh-Ulziit, in Umnudelger sum of Khentii aimag, mongolian largest buddhist architectural building Baldan Bereeven Monastery (1777) was the ancient buddhist, spiritual and culture center of the East Mongolia. The Tibetan name "Bereeven" translates to the "an abundance of rice". Over the next century the monastery grew to include four institute dastans and about 20 cathedrals, housed a community of around 5000-6000 monks. Main cathedral Buyan Ulziit Tsogchin Dugan is a mongolian largest buddhist architecture, which has many halls with sculptures. In 1900 plague killed about half of monks community. Baldan Bereeven Monastery has been restored and revitalized since 1990. Also, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty, visit the key attractions around the monastery including images of buddhist gods carved on a rock: Ochirvaan, Nogoon Dari Ekh, Jamsran, Manzushir, Damdinchoijoo, Tsagaan Dari Ekh, Bogd Zonkhov, Ayush. A giant tree grows in the territory of monastery. The local nomads have given their faithful with respects and named a tree as the "Mother Tree". People believe if someone pursues the distinctive, beautiful and magnificent Mother Tree and ask for wishes, they will come true. People have whispered their wishes and believed in Mother Tree since a long time ago.

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