Flora and fauna of Bayan-Ulgii aimag

Flora and fauna of Bayan-Ulgii aimagFauna. Bayan-Ulgii province is a home to many world widely endangered animals and birds such as wild mountain sheep, wild goat, lynx and many other wild lives such as wolf, marten marmot, rabbit, ermine, and accipiter, golden eagle, woodpecker, swan, pelican, snow cock and goose. In Siilkhem Mountains protected animals such as wild mountain sheep, wild goat and lynx and besides martens, marmots, foxes, corsacs and rabbits are found in this aimag. There is even an area called "Yellow Dog" by the natives for its marmots as big as yellow dogs. Sometimes deers, antelopes and bears come in crossing the Mongolian border. As the territory of province includes numerous lakes and open waters, water birds and eagle, falcon, bobwhite are widely spotted. In the aimag over 300 species of vertebrates were officially listed. Out of them 11 species of amphibians and 8 species of fish were registered.

Flora. Bayan-Ulgii aimag's mountain meadows are mostly covered with wormwood, wild leek, ramson, sagebrush, santonica, steppe wheat grass, couch grass, snaffle grass, bush and stipa. In the shadowed areas with more moisture mostly on the slopes of the mountains, desert-steppe grass, black currant, strawberry and barberry grow here. In the mountainous areas of Bayan-Ulgii aimag medically-used floras such as snowlotus, lotus, licorice, valerian, pink, plaintain and glantine grow also. On the high mountains are scurf, mountain tundra vegetation, bog sedge, sedge meadow, bent grass and steppe wheat grass are found. Generally, all of the aimag's land is suitable for grazing livestock animals.

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