Travel destinations of Bayankhongor

Travel destinations of Bayankhongor aimagThere are many places with untouched natural beauty in any sums of this Bayankhongor aimag. Bayanlag Sum’s white rock crystal cave, Ulziit Sum’s Uran Khairkan, Zag and Baidrag places have 500 to 750 years old ancient human remains. Throughout the Bayankhongor provinces region new Stone Age and Bronze Age findings including weapons, tolls, decorative items, pertoglyphs, deer stone and man shaped stone monuments are plenty. Historical monuments:

  • Zuukh’s new stone age era homestead
  • Bichigt (Script) mountain cave painting
  • Tsakhir mountain’s Lig’s cave that was inhabited with ancient people
  • Amarbuyant temple, 47km west of Shinejinst sum of Uvurkhangai aimag. The monastery was established in 1697.
  • Mandal’s temple, established in the end of XIX century, located in the territory of Buutsagaan sum of Bayankhongor aimag.
  • stupas at Almas Canyon
  • Shatar Rock’s deer stone and man shaped stone monuments
  • Lamyn Gegeen Temple (1680) remains located in the territory of Erdenetsogt sum of Bayankhongor aimag. Unfortunately, the Temple was ruined during the most furious political repression in 1937
  • Ikh Tsagaan Mountain’s deer stone monument
  • Ulziit mountain’s Dayan temple remains
  • Shargaluut’s medicinal spring and spa
  • Khangai Mountain Ranges complex and Gobi’s national reservation area.

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