Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs

Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Bayanzag, Flaming CliffsThe principal tourist attractions in Umnugovi aimag in Mongolia, the ancient seabed, Bayanzag has a treasure package of late Crafeceous dinosaurs. Bayanzag is rich with dinosaurs fossils, fossilized skeletons, eggs, saxsaul trees and that is why this name "Bayanzag or Rich in Saxaul" was given to it. In 1921, the US paleontologist expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews, an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist, found from here Protoceratops and Tarbosaurus skeletons, dinosaurs that were living in the area hundreds of million years ago, for the first time in Asia. At that time, the Mongolian Government had exchanged this Tarbosaurus skeleton for two Ford vehicles and nowadays this skeleton is displayed at the National History Museum in NYC. At sunset, red cliffs in the area look like as if they are burning in flame, so Roy Chapman Andrews named this place "Flaming Cliffs" in 1921. Bayanzag is located in the valley of Arts Bogd Mountain, about 120km northwest of Dalanzadgad city. Main tourist activities: trekking, hiking, camping, enjoy the natural beauty, paleontology.

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