Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum

Attractions in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Bogd Khan Winter Palace MuseumBogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, one of main tourist attractions in Ulaanbaatar, was constructed in 1893 as the Winter Palace (residence) dedicated to the 8th Bogd Jebtsundamba (1869–1924), the last king of Mongolia and the spiritual leader of Mongolia's Tibetian Buddhism, was also known as the eighth living Buddha. Winter Palace creation was completed in 1903. Later the palace was spared destruction and turned into a museum. In 2013 the museum stands under state protection. Museum is about 3 km south of Genghis Khan's Square. Museum consisted of six temples and Winter Palace of 8th Bogd Jebtsundamba. Items on display in the Museum include collection of art and stuffed animals, sculptures, musical instruments and many religious items, bed, throne and carriage of Bogd Khan, collection of gifts received from foreign kings, such as armchair with ringtone and a pair of ceremonial golden boots from a Russian tsar Nikolai II, a robe made from 80 fox skins, a ceremonial leopard ger covered with the skins of 150 snow leopards and others (total over 8,000 exhibits). This is a nice place to explore the Mongolian history.

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