Flora and fauna of Bulgan aimag

Flora and fauna of Bulgan aimagFauna. Bulgan aimag is one of the aimags that are abundant with different species of fauna and flora. Thus, the aimag is a home to many animals such as elk, bear, deer, roe deer, boar, musk deer, lynx, fox, corsac, wolf and marmot and birds such as barred owl, eagle, partridge, grouse, vulture, northern shoveler, goose, stork and duck and fish such as taimen, perch, luce, ruff and red eyed fish.

Flora of Bulgan aimag. Forest occupies 1,986.4 thous. ha and 88.1% or 1,750.8 thous. ha of it is a forest land, 11.9 % or 235.6 thous. ha is a non-forest land. Wooded forest occupies 1,507.6 thous. ha also. Out of it natural forest occupies 1,431.2 thous. ha while planted forest, and brush scrubs take up 76.4 thous. ha. Forest resource is 188,280.0 thous. m³. In the natural forest larch grows in 1,048.4 thous. ha, pinaster in 49.5 thous. ha, cedar in 51.2 thous. ha, spruce in 0.8 thous. ha, birch tree in 259.8 thous. ha, bush in 16.4 thous. ha and aspen grows in 2.1 thous. ha respectively. North of the Eg River which includes Teshig Sum's forest is classified into Jid foreland flora region and all the other sums are classified into the Southeast Khangai foreland flora region. Jid regions territory is covered with loose mash soil and with fox berry-green moss and pine forest in 1,300-1,800m above sea level and with late defrosting soil, gladdon and larch forest in 1,000-1,600m.
But the southeast Khangai Region is covered with late defrosting soil, gladdon, larch forest and birch forest at 1,000-1,600m AMSL. Besides, medical, rare floras such as sophora, dogwood and many other medical floras such as licorice, thyme, valerian, viviparous snake-weed, medick, sweetbrier, raspberry, diasthus superbus and natural fruits like sea-buckthorn, blueberry, huckleberry, black cherry, red berries and blackberry grow in Bulgan province.

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