Geography of Bulgan aimag

Geography of Bulgan aimagBulgan aimag is located in the heart of Mongolia - Orkhon and Selenge basins bordering to Selenge, Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai and Khuvsgul aimags respectively and to the Russian Federation for 160km border line. As the aimag is overall a mountainous area and it belongs to Khuvsgul, Khangai and Bulgankhan mountainious region. Bulgan province has many high mountains such as Khantai (2,000m above sea level) and Buteel (1,800m above sea level) at its north, Bureg (1,600 to 2,000m above sea level) and other smaller mountains that are stretched along the latitude.

The northern areas of the aimag are rich with granite from the Mesozoic era, the vast southern territories are rich with Paleozoic and Mesozoic moraine and the central parts of the aimag are rich in lappilus from the Jurassic era and trap stone from quaternary era. In 1967, there was an earthquake in Mogod Sum forming many land splits that show the surface of this area has not been completely formed yet. Bulgan Aimag is rich in resource of anthracite and other constructive materials.

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