Meteorology, soil of Bulgan aimag

Meteorology, soil of Bulgan aimagMeteorology. The average temperature is between -0.9°C to -1.6°C. The warmest months are June and July when the temperature is scaled between +29.1°C to +41.0°C. The coldest month is January when the temperature reaches between -35.1°C to -46.2°C. In this aimag the air humidity is mostly higher than the average throughout Mongolia. The annual precipitation is over 350mm in the mountains, 250-300mm in the river basins and 200-250mm in the southern parts of Bulgan aimag. The 85% of the annual precipitation falls in the warm seasons. As the land surface is uneven, the air pressure varies from area to area. The air pressure is the highest in January and drops to the lowest in July. The average wind speed is 2.2m/sec. It is less windy in winter times since the anticyclone in Bulgan province remains stable, yet it is windy in spring and fall as the middle latitude prevailing wind travels through the region from north to south.

Soil. The southern part of Bulgan aimag is formed with dark brown soil and the northern part is formed with forest-dark soil and taiga soil.

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