Rivers and lakes of Bulgan aimag

Rivers and lakes of Bulgan aimagWater occupies 0.4% or 22,239.3 ha of the all Bulgan aimag's land. Bulgan province has many large rivers such as Selenge, Orkhon, Khanui and lakes such as Airkhan, Khargal and Khunt. Moreover, many springs such as Khulij, Khunt, Khanui and Asgat exist here.

Orkhon River which takes source from Khangai Mountains in the Tsenkher sum of Arkhangai aimag is the longest river of Mongolia with the length of 1,124km (698 mi) and a drainage basin of 132,835 square kilometres (51,288 sq mi), flowing through the territory of 40 sums of 8 aimags, has many tributaries (up to 50). Major tributaries of the Orkhon river are the Tuul River and Tamir River. Tamir River flowing into the Old Orkhon River and also large rivers such as Tuul, Kharaa and Yeruu rivers join together to feed the Selenge River. The opening of this joint river is 100-105m and the curved stream flows to join the Selenge River and to the Baikal Lake in Russian Federation at the last. The Orkhon River flows through Mogod, Saikhan and Orkhon sums of Bulgan aimag and its basin is suitable for agriculture.

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