Travel destinations of Bulgan aimag

Travel destinations of Bulgan aimagBulgan aimag has many historical sites including the remains of the Bai-Balyk town of Uyghur State, remains of a Chinese town from the 10-11th century which is just east of Khar Bukh River, ruins of Tsogt Taij's mansion and the White Palace, Chin Tolgoi ruins, old military base ruins, remains of an ancient Mongolian town which is in Uvgunt and Emgent of Buregkhangai Sum and Khugnu-Tarni monastery which is considered to be a historical gem.

Besides monuments belonging to ancient Mongolian states are plenty in Bulgan aimag including Turkic era monument in Mogod Sum that is dedicated to the tax collector and the Altan Gerege or the Golden Paiz with Orkhon scripts which were found from the Khunnu graves. The Gerege's Orkhon Turkic script is not only invaluable to the Mongolian linguistics but also very valuable to Central Asian linguistics. Beautiful natural reserves and protected areas such as Eg-Selenge, Eg-Tarvagatai cross, Uran Togoo extinct volcano, Khugnu Khaan Bulgan and high mountains such as Khantai, Avzaga Khairkhan, Bureg, Namnan, Zalman, Dulaan Khaan, Buural khaan, Ikh Baga Agt and Meej are the scenic spots of the Bulgan aimag.

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