Fauna of Dornod aimag

Fauna of Dornod aimagIn Dornod aimag there are 70 species of mammals of 47 genus, 16 families, 6 orders. From these, 6 species are extremely rare, 3 are copious, 30 species are normally populated animals. Game animals such as antelope, marmot, yellow fox, corsac, wolves and such that 24 species of mammals live in Dornod aimag. Dornod Steppe is home to central Asian white antelope, thus 70% of this kind reside here. Besides, in Onon, Ulz, Khalkhgol River Basin, you can find over 20 species that are in the World Red List such as deer, elk, bear, wild pig, ondatra, coon and lynx. Fox, corsac, wolf, badger, wildcat and brown pallah widely inhabits the Dornod province.

Total of 330 species of birds are officially reported in this region and 61 of them are local, 262 are migratory, 212 stay in summer to lay eggs, 66 species transit through and 22 species of them are on the Mongolian and World Red List. Scarcing species are: white naped crane, siberian white crane, red-crowned crane, hooded crane, larus relictus, yangtse parrot bill, wood cock and Mongolian finch. In the rivers of Dornod, 41 species of fish of 36 genus, 11 families are found and 24 species are normally populated, 12 species of fish has been registered as rare and 4 as extremely rare.

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