Flora of Dornod aimag

Flora of Dornod aimagThere are about 80 species of medicinal herbs, 10 species of useful plants and also the plant with various types of essential oil that is found only in Mongolia, grows in Dornod aimag. Stipa, wheat-grass, filifolium, santonica, oxytropis, astragal, tare and pissabed are dominant in Dornod provinces flora. There are total of 685 species of flora officialy reported and from it 635 species of 73 families, 50 species of 8 families of trees and bushes, and 118 medicinal, 24 extremely rare, 60 sparcing and 560 plenteous species have been reported.

The all edible floras grow in this aimag are: 10 types of stamenonion, rhubarb, wild garlic, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, onion, wild cherry, hawthorn, raspberry, cranberry, wild strawberry, mushrooms, hot leek, weed, red-berries, leek, wild onion, jubata, shepherds purse, dogrose and apricot. Forests here consist of mainly larch (10.7 thous. ha), pine (22.6 thous. ha), birch (67.5 thous. ha), bush (2.2 thous. ha), aspen (1.7 thous. ha) and poplar (5.6 thous. ha).

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