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Geography of Dornod aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Dornod aimagGeography of Dornod aimag
Geography of Dornod aimagDornod aimag is located in the broad hilly steppe in eastern Mongolia and is elevated at 560-1,300m above sea level. This wide steppe is surrounded by the branch mountains of Khentii Mountains that Ar Ereen, Daguur Hills and Khyangan Range mountains. There are eye-widening steppes as such Menen, Tamsag and Matad in the northern part. Menen is a largest flat steppe of Mongolia, a home to many endangered animals such as white gazelle, Mongolian antelopes, extends about 90km to the west from Buir lake, it is 600m above sea level. Menen steppe is unique because it has largely remained undeveloped.

Dornod aimag borders with Russian Chita region at the north, with Inner Mongolian Khulunbuir and Khyangan provinces at the southeast, with Tumentsogt, Sukhbaatar and Erdenetsagaan sums of Sukhbaatar aimag and Khentii aimag at the west and southwest respectively. The lowest point of Mongolia - Khukh Nuur hollow (556m AMSL) is in this aimag. Besides, rocks and stones from paleozoic, jurassic and cretaceous era and neogon moraine are widely found in this area.
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