Meteorology of Dornod aimag

Meteorology of Dornod aimagMeteorology of Dornod aimag. The 241-260 days of the year are sunny and bright and precipitate about 150-300mm annually. In winter, average temperature is -27°C while in summer it is +21°C. Khalkhgol Sum of Dornod aimag gets the most precipitation since the western wind stream barely affects the eastern side of Mongolia. In summer, well-known Musson wind stream brings chilly and humid air from the ocean making the aimag the most precipitated area with unique nature. However, the extremely cold, tough winter comes with much snow. The territory around Numrug and Khalkhgol River is the only area that has maritime climate in summer and Siberian cold climate in winter. In Numrug Mountains that is a branch of Khyangan Mountain, the annual precipitation is 400-500mm. In the center of Dornod aimag, Choibalsan city, average air temperature is +0.4°C. In January it is -21.3°C, while in July it is +19.9°C with annual precipitation of 246mm and average wind speed of 4.1m/sec.

Soil. Since plain steppe dominates the whole Dornod province, the area has dry steppe-light brown soil, gobi-brown soil and it is rich in grazing plants. Khalkhgol, Onon, Ulz River Basin is covered in black, black-brown soil, forest areas are covered in forest-black brown soil. Small sand dunes can be seen along Khalkhgol River Basin and meadow-brown soil covers the eastern part of the aimag.

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