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Rivers and lakes of Dornod aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Dornod aimagRivers and lakes of Dornod aimag
Rivers and lakes of Dornod aimagRivers and lakes in Dornod aimag belong to Pacific ocean basin, and 128 rivers with total of 3,060km length, 173 lakes and over 300 springs are officially recorded in Dornod province. Rivers: Kherlen River initiated at Khentii Mountains with 1,090kmkm length, Onon 292km length, Teel, Duch, Yamalkh, Khalkhgol river initiated at Khyangan mountains, Numrug, Degee, Orshuun, Galtastai and Altan River. Large and small lakes: Buir, Yakhi, Khukh, Sum, Baruun Shavart, Bayan Erkhet, Shavart, Shorvog, Jirmiin Tsagaan, Bor Davst, Bulgan Shavar, Galuut, Duruu, Chukh, Guntsengeleg and Galt. The beauty of Dornod aimag, Buir Lake is 615 sq km, 50m deep and elevated at 583m above sea level.

There are many other springs that have medicinal benefits. For example, Tsagaan Khundii Spring is to cure any irregularities in the digestive tract and it contains hydrocarbon, calcium, magnium, natrium, carbon dioxide and cililic acid. Mineralization is 1.5g/l. Nearby Lun spring is famous for its lung curing effects and Emt Spring that is eminent for curing kidney diseases. Utaat Minchuur is the only gas-spring in Mongolia with high curative effects.
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