Travel destinations of Dornod aimag

Travel destinations of Dornod aimagRemains of Kherlen Bar city from Kidan State of 11th century in Tsagaan-Ovoo sum at the northern shore of Kherlen river, Genghis Khan's Kherem wall ruins that goes through Bayan-Uul, Bayandun, Dashbalbar and Gurvanzagal sums of Dornod aimag, Ikh Burkhant complex with Buddha statues built in 1859-1964 are located 35km from Khalkhgol Sum, man stone from Turkic era on Shonkh-Tavan Hill, Khiimoriin Gobi of Matad Sum, man stone in a place called Khutsuu at the boundaries of Naran and Sergelen sums, palace ruins of peace-fighter Gun Savaa located in a place called Tamsagbulag of Khalkhgol Sum are the remarkable historic sites that exist in Dornod aimag.

Also, cultural sites such as man-made hill "Utai 5 Mountain" that was built by Togtokhtur Khan of Ilden Khoshuu, Melkhii Rock (Ger Rock) that was mentioned in The Secret History of Mongolia, exists in Dornod aimag.

Beautiful natural complexes:
  • Onon River Basin, Branch mountains of Khentii Mountains in Bayan Uul sum
  • Ikh Gazaryn Chuluu - beautiful nature in Bayandun sum
  • Menen Steppe - Matad, Khalkhgol sum
  • Khuld, Ers, Kheree mountains - in 30km from Khalkhgol sum
  • Melkhii Cliff or Ger Cliff (The Secret History of Mongolia) - Khalkhgol sum
  • Bayan Khangai - in 14 km from Matad sum
  • Buir lake - Khalkhgol Sum
  • Khukh lake (the lowest point in Mongolia, 530m AMSL)

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