Geography, meteorology of Dornogovi

Geography, meteorology of DornogoviGeography. Dornogovi aimag is located in the eastern steppe of Mongolia, bordering with Umnugovi, Dundgovi, Govisumber, Khentii, and Sukhbaatar aimags and to the PR of China for about 600km. The entire aimag is in the Gobi zone, so that the area is a combination of Gobi and steppe. But, some smaller mountains such as Otsol, Sansar, Ikh Dulaan, Baga Dulaan and Argalant, and a huge valley in the heart of the Dornogovi that stretches from northeast to southwest exist in this aimag.

Meteorology. Dornogovi aimag has extreme continental climate and in winter times temperature drops to -40°C, in summer it is +40°C, ground temperature reaches +60°C. Strong dust and snow storms bring extreme drought and severe cold weather in this region.

Soil. Since Dornogovi provinces territory entirely belongs to Gobi and steppe zone, the main soil type is Gobi brown soil. There are many large sand dunes in Dornogovi. Land surface has moraine from cenozoic era and numerious fluoride minefields are found in this region.

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