Flora, fauna, rivers, lakes of Dornogovi

Flora, fauna, rivers, lakes of DornogoviFauna. Dornogovi aimag is a home to 11 species of endangered animals, 32 species of game animals, 42 species of mammals, 11 species of reptiles, 10 species of predators, 40 species of birds from which 21 of them are common species. Wild animals such as wolf, fox, corsac, badger, wildcat, marmot and worldwidely dangered and threatened species such as wild mountain sheep, wild goat, lynx and chamois are found in this province.

Flora. The 46 families, 181 genus, 327 species of plants and herbs grow in the territory of Dornogovi aimag. About 20 species of medicinal herbs which are widely used in Mongolian traditional medicine grow here too. Also, 9 families, 18 genus, 19 species of endangered plants and herbs which are included in the Mongolian Red List can be seen in Dornogovi. Wooded forest covers 114.8 thous. ha and almost all are natural forests. Some types of Gobi vegetation also can be seen here.

Rivers and Lakes. There are no large lakes or rivers in Dornogovi aimag, instead there is much groundwater resource. Mineral springs such as Khalzan Uul, Busiin Chuluu and Toli Bulag streams in this region.

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