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Travel destinations of Dornogovi aimag
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Travel destinations of Dornogovi aimagFindings of old stone age were found from Khavtsal Valley of Delgerekh Sum of Dornogovi aimag, findings from middle and new stone age are being found from Dulaan Gobi of Erdene Sum and Durvuntein Khond of Khatanbulag Sum. Remains of the old city dating back to the 16th-17th century, with over 50 ruined buildings are located in Ikhkhet sum in a place called Olon Baishint (many houses). Also in 14km from Ikhkhet sum, there is a monument, belonging to the 10th or 15th century, made of uncut natural stones, standing in the middle of a stone circular. This site has been registered under national protection.

Dornogovi Aimag has kept its pristine untouched nature and many prominent findings in paleontology have been found here such as dinosour fossils from 80 million years ago, fossils of oceanic creatures from millions of years ago, petrified wood, traces of buffaloes and ostriches that lived 30 million years ago.

There were about 100 monasteries in Dornogovi aimag and Tsuviraa Monastery belonging to the yellow hat sect of Buddhism, located in 60km from the center of Khuvsgul sum is one of them. This monastery is considered to be an invaluable historical and cultural site. The monastery was established by Gobi's first Khutugtu (high reincarnated lama) Agvaangonchig in 1666 as Amgalant Monastery.

The energy center Khamaryn Khiid (Khamryn Khiid) that was established by Khutugtu Danzanravjaa in 1821 is located in this aimag too. Khamaryn Khiid was a buddhist monastery belonging to the red hat sect, with about 80 monastery buildings and over 500 monks.
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