Flora and fauna of Dundgovi aimag

Flora and fauna of Dundgovi aimagFauna. In accordance with the Dundgovi regions geographical and environmental features, many diverse species inhabit in the aimag. For example, fox, wolf, corsac, marmot, hare, bat, pallas's cat, badger, wild sheep, mountain goat, antelope and black tailed gazelle. Marmot meat is very popular in Mongolia for its delicious taste. Marmot is hunted in summer and up to late autumn time. For centuries mongolians use marmot meat to make a dish called boodog, which is cooked through heating stones in own skin of the animal. Numerious birds such as sparrows, doves, bustards, sandgrouses, cranes, vultures, eagles, falcons, hoopoes and owls are found in Dundgovi aimag.

Flora. In the hinder and central parts of Dundgovi aimag wild herbacious plants are commonly found. In the onward territories mostly Gobi vegetation dominates the area. There are many woody plants like wormwood, sagebrush, agropyron, wild leek, Mongolian sort of onion, cleistogenes, shrubberry, straw, tumbleweed, goosefoot, nettle, artemisia pectinata, caragana, caragana microphylla, caragana spinosa, saksaul are widely found. Also, highly nutricious and piquant plants such as salsola passerina, reaumuria, liquorice, cynanchum grow in this Dundgovi province.

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