Meteorology of Dundgovi aimag

Meteorology of Dundgovi aimagDundgovi aimag's climate is divided into a few categories. First, is mountain and steppe dry, cold climate mostly observed in the northern parts of Erdenedalai, Adaatsag, Delgertsogt, Deren. Second, extremely dry, warmish dessert like steppe climate that is observed in Delgerkhangai, Khuld, Luus, Gurvansaikhan, Saikhan-Ovoo, Saintsagaan, Govi-Ugtaal, Tsagaandelger, Bayanjargal sums and northern parts of Undurshil sum. Third, extremely dry, warm desert like steppe climate observed in Delgerkhangai, Khuld, Ulziit sums and southern parts of Gurvansaikhan sum. Average annual air temperature of southern region is 2 - 4°C, northern region is 0 - (-2)°C. The temperature has been raised up to 2,5 - 3,7°C in the last three years which is comparatively higher than the average. About 100-120 days of the year is cloudless and sun shines for approximately 3,000 hours in a single year.

Dundgovi aimag lacks in moisture, annual precipitation of the southern region was 200-250mm, central region 150-200mm, northern region 100-150mm from 20 years now, but the annual precipitation decreased to 80-110mm in these years. The surface alltitude throughout the aimag is relatively even, therefore the aimag is considered as windy region and the speed of winds is 3-5m/sec, yet it has increased to 4-6m/sec for the last few years and the number of days with heavy snow falls, storms with up to 12m/sec strong wind have increased. The highest recorded wind speed is as 40m/sec.

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