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Rivers and lakes of Dundgovi aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Dundgovi aimagRivers and lakes of Dundgovi aimag
Rivers and lakes of Dundgovi aimagAnnual precipitation of Dundgovi aimag is relatively low, underground water resource is limited, natural poise is unstable, mineralization and hardness of the water is high. In all seasons, Dundgovi aimag is nourished by its underground water as there are no permanent lakes and very few springs and wells that are nourished by rainfall. In recent years 44km long Ongi River that flows through Delgerkhangai, Saikhan-Ovoo sums is breaching due to gold mines operation at the fount of the river. Total reserve of the surface water is 0,005km³/year, useable reserve is not yet determined, underground water reserve is 0,12km³/year and 0,06km³/year of it is consumable.

Several springs such as Togoogiin, Duuren Kharganyn and Olgoi Lake exist in Dundgovi province. Togoogiin spring located at 40km east of Mandalgovi, center of Dundgovi aimag, about 315 км south of Ulaanbaatar, since 2017 stands under aimags protection. Its water contain a lot of solt and famous for its therapeutic effect on digestive conditions.
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