Travel destinations of Dundgovi aimag

Travel destinations of Dundgovi aimagNumerious significant historical and cultural sites like deer stone monument, Uguudei Khaan's winter quarters, Khunnu tombs at Zambaga Khairkhan Mountain, the ruins of city with porcelain tiled houses belonging to mid centuries that are found in Saikhan-Ovoo Sum, remains of a homesteads at Yarkh Mountain belonging to late stone age, remains of a bronze age workshop found in Gurvansaikhan Sum, a place where Uguudei Khaan departed this life, autumn quarters of the emperors at Sum Khukh Burd in Adaatsag Sum, petroglyphs at Del Mountain, Buddhist philosophy school and temple in Ulziit Sum, Sangiin Dalai Temple, rectangular and round burial sites of Erdenedalai Sum of Dundgovi aimag, ancient forts gives us an unalterable evidence that human biengs inhabitted the area for thousands and thousands of years.

Also, Dundgovi aimag is well known for its beautifull scienic places. For example interesting fissures like Tsagaan Suvraga known as a White Stupa, Morin Tolgoi which are formed due to the erosion of sedimentary mud in the sea bottom, Uush sand dunes, Ikh Gazaryn Chuluu, Baga Gazaryn Chuluu granite rock mountains, saksaul and elm forests and scenic places as Oldokh, Gurvan Tugrug, Ergeneg, Khaya, Nemnee, Nomgon, Khairkhan, Zagiin Us. Zagiin Us the broad valley with saksaul forest is registered as a state protected area. Over 10 scenic places from above like Ikh Gazaryn Chuluu, Baga Gazaryn Chuluu which are abundant with many rare species, peculiar formations of Uush dunes and Tsagaan Suvraga or White Stupa, cultural and historically significant sites as Sum Khukh Burd, Ongi monastery are listed in the Dundgovi provinces protected area list.

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