Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes

Central Mongolia Attractions: Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunesElsen tasarkhai sand dunes are some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. 80km long dunes stretch through Burd sum of the Uvurkhangai aimag, Erdenesant sum of Tuv aimag, Gurvanbulag sum of Bulgan aimag territories. Federal paved road divides Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes into 2 parts: south part is called Mongol Sands, north – Khugnu Tarnyn Els. Sand dunes takes wet from Tarnyn river and there are various plants such as willow, elm, dogwood that grow in the sands. Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes has a number of "tourist ger camps", tourists can discover how to ride a Bactrian camel around beautiful natural scenery.

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