Genghis Khan's Square

Attractions in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Genghis Khans Square & Parliament House of MongoliaLocated at the heart of Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan's Square is one of the famous tourist attractions of Mongolia, comprised of a statue of National hero Damdin Sukhbaatar (leader of Mongolian People's Revolution in 1921) and a huge statue of Genghis Khan (reminiscent of the Lincoln Memorial) at the front of the Parliament House. Before Sukhbaatar, this place was a large empty area surrounded on all sides by temples, residences of the nobility and clergy as well as the Baruun Damnuurchin markets. During the socialist era, D.Sukhbaatar's Tomb stood in front of Government House on the square, but in 2004, the tomb had been moved to a cemetery. In 2006, dedicated to Genghis Khan's 800th anniversary, National Historical Gallery and Genghis Khan's Statue were put there instead of the tomb. Major buildings on the square include the Government Palace (built in 1951 on the spot of the Green Domed Theatre), the Golomt Bank, the Central Post Office, the Culture Palace, until 2005. The Green Domed Theatre was built in 1926 and burned down unexpectedly in 1949. The City Administration building was formerly a hotel and was built in 1936. Other buildings surrounding the square include the Lenin Club building (1929), Printing Press (1929), State Ballet and Opera House (1946–1949) and the Stock Exchange building formerly the Eldev-Ochir Cinema (1946–1948). Besides the Sukhbaatar monument in the middle of the square, you can find other statues at the square: those of Genghis Khan and two of his generals in front of the Government House.This statue became one of the largest Genghis Khan statues within the city zone. Genghis Khan's Square is still the scene of major state ceremonies, parades, cultural events and exhibitions. The Democratic Revolution of 1990 featured massive demonstrations and hunger strikes at the square. Heads of state of foreign countries generally pay respects in front of the statue of Sukhbaatar.

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