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How to Get to Mongolia
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How to get to Mongolia by Air
How to get to Mongolia by AirMost vistors fly into Mongolia, one of the best travel destinations in the world. International flights arrive in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The national airline is Mongolian Airlines (MIAT). There are direct flights from Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul. For more see the International flights to Mongolia.

How to get to Mongolia by Rail
How to get to Mongolia by RailMost visitors fly into Mongolia but that's not the only way to get there. There are overland routes from Russia and China. The option of travelling by train is available at two crossing points at the Mongolian border:
1. Via the Altanbulag Border Crossing (crossing into Mongolia from Russia)
2. Via the Zamyn-Ud Border Crossing (crossing into Mongolia from China)
The passenger trains of Mongolian Railways operates between Mongolia, Russia and China. Also, the Russian Trans-Siberian Express passes through Mongolia (train heads to Ulaanbaatar before making its way southeast to Beijing). A few trains a week reach Ulaanbaatar from both countries. For more see the International passenger train to Mongolia.

How to get to Mongolia by Road
How to get to Mongolia by RoadBy road, you can go by bus, car or bike from Russia via Altanbulag and Tsagaan-Nuur, and from China via Zamyn-Ud which are open to international travelers. All other crossing points are designated as "bilateral" meaning that they are only open to the citizens of the two bordering countries, and not to third-country nationals.
Note: crossing by foot isn't allowed.
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