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Golden Eagle Festival
Mongolia travel destinations: Golden Eagle FestivalThe Eagle Festival or Golden Eagle Festival is an annual (October) amazing traditional celebration held in Bayan-Ulgii aimag of Mongolia, where the Kazakh eagle hunters (Burkitshi) celebrate their heritage and compete to wild animals such as foxes, wolfes and hares with specially trained golden eagles in Altai Mountains. The festival begins with each hunter displaying the hunting outfits and elaborate, beautifully adorned accessories. Later, the hunting eagles are evaluated for their skills. The eagles are released from a rock cliff, while their owners stand below and signal for them to land upon their arms, as they do during hunting. Those with the fastest times and best technique are awarded the highest scores.
Winners are selected for speed, agility and accuracy, as well as other contests including the best traditional kazakh dress and kazakh traditional games known as Kekbar (Kokpar, tug of war on horseback), Kyz Kuar (woman chase), Tenge Ilu (horse game where a rider at full gallop must swoop down to pick up coins from the ground) and Camel race are being organized.
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