Fauna of Govi-Altai aimag

Fauna of Govi-Altai aimagGovi-Altai aimag's fauna is divided into major classes of mammals, amphibians, insects, fishes and birds according to its geographical features. Alpine regions including central parts of the Mongol Altai Range and the surrounding mountains are inhabited with mammals like wild sheep, mountain goat, leopard, small animals such as mountain vole, Altaic striped hamster, long tailed steppe mouse and many others. Various species of Insects are more densely populated in mountainous areas.

Marmots, wolves, rabbits, foxes and other animals inhabit in the steppes and other regions.
In forest steppe regions, like Khasagt Khairkhan, Khar Azarga Range, the strictly protected mountains, deer, elk, marten and chipmunks are found.

The endangered Gobi's species like 2 humped wild camel, wild ass, saiga antelope, mazaalai the gobi bear, bulrush boar, black tailed gazelle, wild cat, reptiles like gecko, snake lizard, varan are found in gobi regions. Also grasshopper, butterfly, mosquito, midge, cleg and other insects are found. Mongolian gerbil, jird are abundant in desert steppe regions.

Govi-Altai aimag has many birds such as Altai snowcock, white lagopus, partridge, khakhilaga, lammergeyer, and vulture. Sparrows, eagles dominate in the steppe region. Ground jay, choghcoo, zerjigne are found in gobi region. Many other birds like raven, dove, buzzard, gull and others that live close to human settlements are also abundant here. Zavkhan River is rich with various species of fish.

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