Flora of Govi-Altai aimag

Flora of Govi-Altai aimagThe Govi-Altai aimags flora is divided into 6 classes.
  1. Lowland, desert-steppe bunchgrass like plants: cleistogenes, mongol grass, sage brush, anabisis, wild leek, caragana, salsola and others.
  2. Partially brushy and brushy plants of steppe: anabisis, saksaul, nitraria, reaumaria and etc..
  3. Lake, riverside and swash plants: halophyte floras, straw like plants.
  4. Alpine and meadow plants.
  5. Lowland, mid height mountain saltmarsh plants: fescue, tussock and others.
  6. Semi arid steppe plants: cleistogenes, tussock, fescue, agropyron.
Also unstabilized population of desert vegetation can be found in Govi-Altai aimag too.
From herbal plants: roseroot, thermopsis, saussurea involucrata, Gobi's thyme, sophora alopecuroides, valerian officinalis, Ural licorice, aconite, dianthus, dianthus superbus, gentain, ginseng, populus diversifolia, juniper sabina, rosa acicularis,agriophyllum and many others populate the area.
From herbal plants: Altan Gagnuur, Mongolian bush tea, Vansemberuu, gobi's precipice, herbal bumber, ural sweet grass, aegel putrid grass, alag tsetseg bashir, javkhaalag bashir and many others are grown.

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