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Geography of Govi-Altai aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Govi-Altai aimagGeography of Govi-Altai aimag
Geography of Govi-Altai aimagGovi-Altai aimag is bordered with Bayankhongor aimag to the east, Zavkhan aimag to the north, Khovd aimag to the west, and with the P.R. of China to the south. The Govi-Altai aimag's territory belongs to Altai mountainous and Gobi desert zones. Most parts of the Govi-Altai province lay on Gobi desert zone. 600 million years old clump and rocks that shows last ice age features and marks have been found in Khasagt Khairkan and surrounding mountains. At both sides of these mountains, broad Gobi steppes with humps and hollows lie that dominates the aimag's territory. These steppes formed in the Mesozoic era and remained unchanged during the movements of lithosphere plates that produce mountains.

Absolute average height of the Gobi and cavities is 743-1,100m. The 10 of the 33 famous Gobi of Mongolia are in this aimag. The lowest point is Tsenkher Nomin's Gobi (583m) and the highest mountain is Sutai Khairhan Mountain with the height of 4,090m followed by Aj Bogd (3,802m), Burkhan Buudai (3,765m), Alag Khairhan (3,738m), Khasagt Khairkhan (3,578m), Bus Khairkhan (3,393m), and Buga Khairkhan respectively.
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