Rivers and lakes of Govi-Altai aimag

Rivers and lakes of Govi-Altai aimagThere are many rivers in Govi-Altai aimag that belongs to Zavkhan River Basin of Central Asian internal drainage basin. For example, Zuiliin River that takes its source from Sutai Range, Gurvan Sharyn River takes source from Khagast Khairkhan Range and flows into Sharyn Gobi, Ust Chatsran takes source from Burkhan Buudai Mountain, Sagsai and Tugrug rivers also take source from Burkhan Buudai and flows into Zakhuin Gobi, Shargyn River that takes source from Khar Azargyn range, Bijiin River from Alag Khairkhan Mountain, Myangain River from Gichgen Range and flows into Biger Lake. These rivers are fed by snow and ice water or underground water and flows on and undergrounds into the lakes. There is 1mm² to 0.11km² sized glaciers in Sutai Khairhan Mountain at 3,855m, and melts by 296mm annually.

Govi-Altai aimag has many lakes like Ikhes (salt lake), Shargyn Tsagaan (edible salt lake), Sangiin Dalai (the biggest in Govi-Altai province), Buur (edible salt), Tonkhil, Khulam, Khutag, Alag (with high mineralization of 35 percent) and Biger that are formed in a result of tectonic movements. Govi-Altai aimag has methane, azotes, salty springs like Ust Chatsran of Khaliun sum, Khunkher of Jargalan Sum, Bor-Ovoo and Biger Lake springs of Delger sum.

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