Geography, meteorology of Govisumber

Geography and meteorology of Govisumber aimagGeography. Govisumber aimag is bordered with Bayantsagaan, Bayan, Bayanjargal sums of Tuv aimag to the north, with Delgerkhaan and Darkhan sums of Khentii aimag to the east and north east, with Bayanjargalan, Tsagaandelger, Govi-Ugtaal sums of Dundgovi aimag to the west and southwest. Govisumber aimag is situated in steppe region with small hills and mounds. The highest point is elevated at 1,620m above sea level.

Meteorology. The climate of Govisumber aimag is dry and chilly here. The coldest temperature in winter is about -33°C; highest in summer is approx. +32°C. Annual precipitation is 200 to 250mm, which is higher than the average Gobi zone rate. Average temperature in January is below -10°C, in July is below +10°C, annual average air temperature is below +15°C and annual absolute high temperature is below +35°C. Average snow fall in winter times is below 100mm. Between November 21 and March 15 the area is covered with permanent snow. The highest recorded speed of wind was 25m/sec. Average number of days without wind is 22 days a year. Average speed of wind in northern parts of the aimag is 2-4m/sec, northwest is 4-6 m/sec. The number of generally cold days a year is 95 to 122, warm days 80 to 100.

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