Karakorum, ancient capital of Mongolia

Central Mongolia travel destinations: Karakorum - the ancient capital of MongoliaKarakorum - the ancient capital of Mongolia was established by Genghis Khan in 1220 in the Orkhon valley, on the way of Silk Road. City creation was completed during the reign of Khubilai Khan. It was an important cultural, commercial and religious center of the Mongol Empire, where all religions can come together in harmony. William of Rubruck, a Flemish Franciscan missionary and papal envoy to the Mongols reached Karakorum in 1254, later wrote that Karakorum is a walled city with four main entrances facing the four directions (south, north, west and east gates), has two large districts with many houses, buildings, temples and markets. For 140 years Karakorum served as the capital of the united Mongol tribes until it was damaged by war and conquests.

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