Khan Khentii Mountain National Park

Eastern Mongolia travel destinations: Khan Khentii Mountain National ParkUNESCO as world heritage site Khan Khentii Mountain National Park, established in 1982, covers a vast central area of Khentii Mountain Range (including territory of Batshireet and Umnudelger sums of Khentii aimag, Mungunmorit, Batsumber and Erdene sums of Tuv aimag, Mandal and Yeruu sums of Selenge aimag) and comprises 1 748 103.89 hectares. The highest point of Khentii Mountains is the peak of Asraltkhairkhan Mountain at 2,799,3m above sea level, lowest is the point of crossing the state border and the Minj river at 969,2m above sea level. Forest, taiga, forest steppe covers the territory of park. Tourist activities in the park include exploring wildlife, fishing, horse tours, hiking. Tourist routs in Khentii Mountains do not require special training and are suitable for everybody.

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