Fauna of Khentii aimag

Fauna of Khentii aimagEndangered animals such as elk, deer, sable, wolverine (extremely endangered), musk deer, raccoon and other predators and birds live in the hinder parts of Khurkherge Lake, Khutag Lake and Onon of Khentii aimag. Also predators like bear, wolf, fox, skunk and badger dwell here. A few years back in time this aimag was abundant in marmots. Birds such as eagle, vulture, swan, egret, gull, crane, harrier, owl, scoter, duck and goose live here. Taimen, lenok, turbot and whitefish, as well as others such as crayfish, clam live in the rivers of the aimag.

The southern parts of the aimag are home to antelopes and amphibians like lizard, snake and Mongolian frog. In mountain zones lynx, common weasel, alpine weasel, squirrel, wild boar, roe deer and badger inhabit. Also, ground-squirrel, buns, chipmunks, corsac foxes, wildcats, badgers, rabbits and skunks are found from Khentii aimag.

Around 390 species of birds can be found in Khentii province, like black grouse, wood grouse, owl, hawk, woodpecker, lagopus, eagle, raven, barred owl, falcon, partridge, hazel grouse, heron, bustard, magpie, lark, dove and migrating birds like rook, buzzard, blue titmouse, pelican, hoopoe and cuckoo. Around 20 of them are nationally protected endangered species.

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