Flora of Khentii aimag

Flora of Khentii aimag1. Khentii aimag's forested taiga region: This forested zone has humid climate, growth period of flora is relatively short. Cedar, larch, birch and pines are commonly found in the forests. Therefore from 844 floras of 977 species are graminaceous and 133 are woods.

2. Forested steppe zone of Mongol Daguur: Northern part of the mountains are mainly covered with forest where southern part by graminaceous vegetation. This zone is mainly covered with larch forest with different graminaceous plants, birch and pine forest, birch and larch forests. Along the river vallyes and meadows has bush forests. 831 of 946 are graminaceous plants and 115 are trees and scrubs.

3. Arid field zone of eastern Mongolia: Dry plants, scrubs like bush, different types of caragana, stipa grandis, hair grass, filifolium leymus chinensis grow in this region. From around 539 species, 479 are gramineous plants, 60 are trees or scrubs.

Khentii aimag is rich in fruits like blackcherry, blackberry and blueberry, herbs like pseudostellaria, thermopsis, valerian and edible plants like wild leek, wild spring onion shallot, wild onion and white potatoes.

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