Geography of Khentii aimag

Geography of Khentii aimagKhentii aimag is located in the mountainous area in Kherlen, Onon, Ulz river basins in the northern hemisphere on eastern halfway of the globe between 108° to 113° longtitude and 46° to 49° northern latitude. Khentii aimag borders with Chita oblast of Russia to the north, with Dornod to the east, with Sukhbaatar and Dornogovi aimags to the south and with Govisumber aimag to the southwest, with Tuv aimag to the west and with Selenge aimag to the northwest. Khentii aimag's territory is a combination of mountainous and steppe zone.

Khentii province appertains to forest and steppe zone, and 16% of the whole northern region is elevated at 1,880-2,450m above sea level and it has gallant forested mountains like Khentii Khan, Noyon and Delgerkhaan. Khentii Khan Mountain elevated at 2,451m above sea level, Asraltkhairkhan at 2,799m above the sea are the highest points of Khentii aimag. The mountain Burkhan Khaldun in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is considered sacred, and assumed to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan. Khentii region has a unique natural composition as the Siberian Taiga forest from north meets the Central Asian vast steppes in the south.

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