Meteorology of Khentii aimag

Meteorology of Khentii aimagMeteorology of Khentii aimag. The climate, soil, flora, general environmental features alters from Khentii Mountain Range to the eastern parts of the region, from forested to steppe zone. Annual precipitation is 200 to 300mm. Khentii aimag has hot summers and cold winters. Average temperature in January is -38°C. Sometimes Zud (harsh natural conditions caused by severe cold) happens in winter due to the extreme cold. Summer temperature reaches +38°C to +40°C.

Soil of Khentii aimag. Khentii aimag belongs to three different floral zones according to its soil, soil surface, climate, vegetation and fauna:
1. Forested taiga region of Khentii Mountain
2. Forested steppe region of Mongol-Daguur
3. Arid fields of Dornod

Khentii aimag has black soiled, broad fertile fields like Kherlenbayan-Ulaan Mountain, Onon, Kherlen River Basin, Chadgan, Bayan, Khunkher, Khurkh and Ulz. Crystal, gold, tungsten steel, tin, spar, anthracite, iron ore, copper and other minerals are found and exploited in Khentii province.

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