Rivers and lakes of Khentii aimag

Rivers and lakes of Khentii aimagKhentii aimag has a great amount of underground water resource. There are big and small rivers in northern forested areas of the aimag. Yet the southern steppe has much less underground and inflow water resource. Khentii aimag has over 90 springs, 70 lakes and pools like Khar Zurkh's Khukh Lake mentioned in The Secret History of Mongolia, Khangal Lake famous for its beautifull scenery, Khajuu Spring and others that are involved with Genghis Khan history. Blue Lake or Khukh Nuur is located in forested mountains of Khan Khentii National Park, 35km north-west of Tsenkhermandal sum of Khentii aimag, at 1675m above sea level. In 1889 at the Blue Lake leader of one of Mongolian clans Temujin after uniting Mongol tribes was proclaimed as a king of all Mongols and given the title Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan creat the largest empire in the world, the Mongol Empire, by destroying individual tribes in Northeast Asia, and raided most of Eurasia. There are dozens of hot and cold medicinal springs such that Gurvan Nuur, Onon, Avarga Toson, Tars, Arangatai and so on.

Around 100 rivers like Kherlen, Onon, Eg, Barkh, Khurh, Ulz, Balj, Khumult, Tsenkher that are initiated at Khentii Range and its branch mountains belong to this territory. Two thirds of the Kherlen River, which is the longest river of Mongolia with 1,090km in length, flows through Khentii aimag.

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